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    purely | private founder + host, wine critic, doug wilderWhen deciding how to travel and what to experience when California Wine Country is on the agenda, there are many choices: The low impact self-guided day trips to the major attractions are most popular, followed by the limo trips that take pride in packing in six or seven stops in a short day. An extended stay at a resort is nice but if you go off the property, you are on your own. Most multi-day tours  are comprised of as many as two dozen people and because of their size steer towards larger commercial facilities for wine food and lodging.

    Doug Wilder is founder and publisher of purely domestic wine report, the only independent wine review magaine covering California, Oregon and Washington exclusively. As a subscription-based publication, he is offering a very limited number of extraordinary advanced level subscriptions as purely | private. For the first time ever, the unique option of traveling with just three of your closest wine-loving friends to enjoy un-paralleled privacy, access and intimacy with the emerging wine talent of Northern California is available. For details, please contact me.


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    It is sometimes hard to believe, but it was in February 2004 that I created a company called Wilder Napa Valley primarily to offer private experiences in wine that you couldn’t get elsewhere. With a diverse address book of vintners, chefs and properties that embraced the vision of what I offered, we were able to offer some very special experiences over the years and never did the same thing twice. 


    The event that launched the company in February 2004 was hosting three nights of custom, private wine dinners in one of the most original mid-century homes in Brentwood, California (L). We prepped all day, delivered all night and made some long term fans. My magazine’s subscriber #1 was at those dinners. 

    We followed that up over the next several years organizing special visits in wine country that included private dining, wine tasting, introduction to vintners and a breathtaking selection of secluded compounds for rejuvenation. 





    Once the magazine launched in 2011, I scaled back the events to concentrate on tasting and writing. Now that the publication is three years in, I feel that the time is appropriate to do a soft launch of the Advanced Subscription, now purely | private. Essentially these are one of a kind annual subscriptions focused on exquisitely private, yet immersive multi-day experiences in California Wine Country. Each subscription provides this experience for four people. You pick your traveling companions to create shared special memories with. 

    There is nothing else out there that comes close to a purely | private wine experience. The companies that generally offer multi-day trips in wine include as many as 24 people and by neccessity focus their visits and winery dinners to larger commercial wineries and luxury hotels. They also ‘farm out’ the responsibility of leading the trip to an affiliate. Domestic Wine Critic, Doug Wilder is your host and personal guide throughout your experience. 

    Because purely | private operates on such an intimate scale, your party of four will be ensconced in a private compound surrounded by exquisite quality, comfort and ease. A private chef will be on site for meal preparation throughout your stay and in addition to making new discoveries at small wineries during the day, we will host intimate dinners wiith top winemakers in the comfort of your wine country ‘home’. 

    These all inclusive events (Thursday - Sunday) are in the development phase and will formally be offered in December. I will lead all events, making introductions, sharing wine, stories and history of the wine regions we visit. To be added to the launch list. Please contact me directly. 

    Preliminary plans are to offer only 4 or 5 of these experiences in 2015. initially they will be located in Napa and Sonoma regions. RATE | TBD