2014 Holiday Gift Subscription
Subscriptions begin 12/25/14
Holiday Gift List Upload


The window for holiday gift subscriptions is now open. The promotional gift price is either $50 for online, or $100 for online + print (US only). For larger quantities, ordered by November 25th, I offer discounts (see sidebar). Normal rates return on January 1, 2015. Gift subscriptions may be purchased at any time, although the account is activated in late December and runs for the following 12 months.

It will soon be holiday gift season again - give pdwr instead of wine

Wine, or wine-related items are one of the most popular gifts to send during the holidays for individuals and businesses. From my experience, the process offers few real choices and often gets put off until last minute ordering making shipping almost as expensive as the gift itself. With a gift subscription to pdwr, recipients are notified by email and have immediate, instant access to your gift.

Personalize gift subscriptions with your picture on the cover

This was very popular the first year I offered it.

FOR ORDERS OF TWENTY OR MORE: I include a custom hard copy of purely domestic wine report. With this option only, purchasers may elect to provide their own image for the cover, accompanied by a holiday message inside. The example to the left is just for fun, from Awkward Family Photos. The image can be anything you want as long as it is portrait format 300 dpi file. Send it to me and I do the rest, creating the 2 page cover with your image and holiday message inside. It is then custom printed as a perfectbound special edition and drop shipped to you for final handling. If interested please email me at doug@pdwr.co 


As mentioned above, we are offering discounted gift subcription rates which are good for purchase through 12/31/14.  There are several advantages to purchasing a subscription to pdwr as a gift, over a package of wine. 

1. Gift packs of wines are nice to get but seldom cost less than $75, and once consumed are discarded and easily forgotten. pdwr arrives throughout the year and your recipient is reminded of your thoughtfulness with every issue.

2. Beyond the cost of the wine, you end up paying sales tax, packaging and shipping that may add as much as $25 to the gift. Do a couple dozen of these and you start feeling the difference. pdwr is net priced, there is never any extra charge for packaging, or mailing. 

3. Shipping deadlines come up really fast and you need to choose those wine gifts almost before Thanksgiving to make sure they arrive in time, plus people need to be at the location to receive them. Becaus pdwr is either delivered electronically, or by first class envelope, it gets there faster and no signature is required. You can order an online subscription gift as late as December 23rd for electronic delivery on the 25th. 

4. When selecting a gift of wine, it may include two or three bottles from a pretty limited selection. pdwr offers over 1700 professional reviews on domestic wines from all over the west, the recipient can use that information to learn about new producers for a full twelve months.


Below are the levels of thank you gifts you receive when choosing different numbers of gift subscriptions:

Between ten and twenty gift subscriptions:

Receive your personal next year subscription at no cost [$60 value]

Between twenty-one and fifty gift subscriptions:

Receive your personal next year subscription upgraded to print at no cost [$120 value]

Between fifty one and two hundred gift subscriptions:

Receive a library set of print version of the archive and add to it with next year print at no cost [$400+ value]

Over two hundred gift subscriptions:

Receive a complimentary annual print suscription + a library containing print edition of every issue of purely domestic wine report + spend a day of wine tasting, and lunching with winemakers in Napa Valley for four, with Doug Wilder, a $1500 value (Total value of $2460)*

If you wish to order any gift subscriptions please upload a spreadsheet to the dropbox provided to the right including the name and email of the recipient. IMPORTANT, please provide your name, company, phone and email address in line 1. We will contact you for billing arrangements.

* By prior, mutual agreement on date

Happy holidays,

Doug Wilder, publisher | pdwr