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Frequently asked questions > About purely domestic wine report > Why did you move from a free blog to a subscription-based magazine?

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Beginning in 1996, through 2008, I wrote thousands of tasting notes/reviews on wines I wanted my retail clients to know about. During that era, I successfully introduced many wines that went on to become respected producers. I always looked to the combination of extraordinary quality + emerging producers as my motivation to recommend a wine, and worked hard to make my content a respected first-to-market resource. After leaving retail in October 2008, I launched purely domestic wine blog, continuing to advise readers about the top wines I found. Despite the number of wines I wrote about, not to mention the vast amount of free information for wine available on the internet, certain consumers still subscribe to the handful of established publications that discuss it professionally.

Making the commitment to create the only independent, comprehensive review source for wines of California, Oregon and Washington, exclusively and at a professional level required me to evaluate it in terms of the value it provides to readers. 

Last updated on October 28, 2014 by Doug Wilder